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How Does the United States-Mexico Immigration Agreement Affect Asylum Seekers?

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The United States and Mexico have come to an agreement regarding the flux of asylum seekers from South American countries to the United States. Last week, American and Mexican diplomats settled on a deal known as the “Stay-in-Mexico” agreement, which states that migrants who are seeking asylum in the United States will remain in Mexico while awaiting their hearing in U.S. immigration courts. During their stay in Mexico, immigrants will have access to jobs, healthcare, and education. The agreement came about after the United States threatened to impose tariffs on Mexican goods.

The Background of the Deal

Immigration has exploded over the last several months, putting added stress on immigration facilities in the United States. In response, the United States requested that Mexico share the burden and provide facilities on its sovereign soil for the migrants while they await their asylum hearing. Additionally, the United States demanded that Mexico observe international law that required asylum seekers to seek asylum in the first country they enter after leaving the land they were fleeing. Initially, Mexico provided some support, but when the caravans of migrants began to increase, the United States threatened its southern neighbor with tariffs. These tariffs would increase each month if they did not take more drastic measures. Last week, U.S. and Mexican diplomats met in Washington, D.C. where productive talks were held, and a resolution to the tensions was solidified.

The “Stay-in-Mexico” Agreement

In the agreement, the United States and Mexico came to a resolution in which they would work together to share the burden from the migrant crisis. Asylum seekers traveling through Mexico would remain in that country and receive benefits while awaiting judgment from the U.S. immigration court. The United States would likewise provide some care for asylum seekers while they were in Mexico. Furthermore, both U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials would work together to combat human traffickers, which plague both countries. And in return, the United States would suspend any tariffs on Mexican goods.

How This Affects Asylum Seekers

This agreement provides much-needed medical care, food, and education for asylum seekers pursuing a new life in the United States. Many of the migrants are fleeing brutal dictatorships where first-world remedies are not available. Under this agreement, asylum seekers will be given humane treatment in accordance with international human rights, as well as access to U.S. legal assistance for their asylum petition.

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