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What is Merit-Based Immigration?

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In the United States and across the entire world, immigration and immigration laws have become a heated and widely discussed topic. In the past few weeks, the White House has proposed a bill that would change the United States immigration system into a merit-based one. But what does this mean, and how will it affect individuals and families who are seeking to enter the United States through family-based immigration? If you or someone you know is looking to migrate to the United States, you should speak to a knowledgeable immigration lawyer to find out how these changes will impact you.

A Merit- and Point-Based System

The proper way to look at these proposed changes to immigration is that it is not about reducing immigration, but rebalancing it. As the American immigration system stands now, a wide variety of people across a substantial social and economic spectrum can gain admittance to the United States. Under the new proposed changes, individuals who are young, healthy, well educated, and speak English will be given priority. Whether a potential immigrant meets such criteria will be determined using a point system. Such individuals will be required to do a more intensive citizen test before being given admittance to the United States.

Who Would Benefit From a Merit-Based System?

Individuals who are well educated and are seen as being able to enter into the upper echelon of the workforce will benefit the most from a merit-based immigration system. If an immigrant looking to come to the United States has an advanced degree and even has a job lined up, he or she will find getting a visa or a green card to be simpler and easier. Skilled workers will also be given preferential treatment in the visa review process.

How Will This Impact Family-Based Immigration?

The new proposed changes are not likely to have a significant effect on family-based immigration. As the proposal now stands, it is more of an adjustment to the current process rather than a total overhaul of the system. As it stands, the current immigration system is family-based, allowing immediate or close relatives easy entry if they have relatives already in the United States. Some have argued that shifting to a merit-based system, but leaving the current family immigration policies already in place relatively untouched, would be advantageous, as it would bring in more families who would contribute to American society.

Contact a Fairfield County, CT Immigration Attorney

The United States’ immigration laws and policies are heading toward substantive change. Those seeking to come to the U.S. through the immigration process will need the guidance of a dedicated Stamford, CT immigration lawyer from Gonzalez Law Office, LLC. We have years of global experience handling immigration cases. For more information, contact our office at 203-323-1440.




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