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What Is the New Rule for Refugees Seeking Asylum in the United States?

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New Canaan refugee and asylum lawyerThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has begun the enforcement of a new rule for refugees and asylum seekers hoping to gain entry into the United States. The new rule requires that those seeking refugee status in the United States must first seek it in a third country before entering the United States. For example, an individual fleeing Guatemala must seek U.S. asylum in another country such as El Salvador, Mexico, or Honduras. This typically is done through petitioning the U.S. embassy in that country or another American government institution there. The DHS explained that the reason for this new rule is due to the sudden rise of asylum requests on the southern American border, which has caused Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainment centers to become overcrowded. The DHS issued this rule as a part of an effort to bring much-needed relief to the system. Additionally, the DHS stated the new standard for asylum seekers is reflective of international laws regarding refugees. 

Why Is the New New Rule Facing Criticism?

Many civil rights groups in the United States disagree with this new ruling. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit against the department claiming that such a rule is unlawful. Others have suggested that the refugee seeking asylum might be returned to the country from which he or she is fleeing by the government of the country in which he or she is living while waiting for the petition to be processed.

The new rule by the DHS is a part of the White House’s broader policy to reduce the amount of illegal, and legal, immigrants gaining access through the southern border. In the past year, not only have individuals from South and Central American Countries come to the U.S. border claiming asylum, but individuals from India and African countries have done so as well. The supporters of the new rule say that it is a necessary national security measure.

However, some people think this measure creates another barrier to legal entry to the United States, and it may prevent those genuinely fleeing from persecution in their home country from finding sanctuary. This is why those seeking refugee status in the United States need a knowledgeable immigration lawyer.

Contact a Darien Immigration Attorney

The U.S. immigration policy is a very complicated matter, and no one is guaranteed refugee status even if he or she genuinely deserves it. Particularly in these trying political times when the U.S immigration system is going through considerable change, you need legal counsel. If you, or someone you know, is trying to gain refugee status in the United States, you should contact the experienced Stamford, CT asylum and refugee lawyer at Gonzalez Law Office, LLC. For inquiries, call our office today at 204-323-1440.




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